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The wedding

27 Aug 2012 - We started the day in the hotel spa, and all relaxation gathered here was soon to be destroyed by the waiter in the hotel restaurant. As Kina and I entered we sat down at a table where some other wedding guests had already been sitting for a while. That’s when I made a mistake and instead of waiting for someone to supply me with a knife and fork, simply took them from the table next to (...)
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Taking the time machine to the Soviet Union

27 Aug 2012 - After a slow and cloudy morning we had a nice lunch with Emil and Lili. The wonderful couple, whose house we now regarded as home, had done their best to feed us over the last couple of days, and this, the last lunch, was no exception. After packing the bikes Emil and __ came out with their arms full of bottles of home made wine and other… well… beverages. We thankfully stuffed the (...)
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An update to the current situation

27 Aug 2012 - December 5 Gustav and I arrived in United Arab Emirates. The UAE was not originally on our list of countries to be visited by us, mostly as it seen as a rich country, a giving country.The reason for us to go here was that Gustav since our departure from Sweden had come to realize that the woman he had met a year earlier, was the one he wanted to spend his life with. I was sad to see him go, but (...)
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